Nobody Knows Michigan - Like We Do

Arthur Mackenzy Property Group is a successful property investment and management company that has created tremendous value over time for its clients. We have achieved this through the dedicated output of our professional team of property experts who have given their time, effort and solid investment experience to ensure every investment grows in value to the benefit of our customers. One of the areas we have invested in that guarantees investors a handsome return on their investment irrespective of the property invested in is Michigan, USA.

Our investment in USA and in particular Michigan was informed by the huge potential for growth the State economy presented in real estate. As a top property investment company recognized all over the Middle East and Michigan, we designed a strategic approach that enables us to identify the right properties in the right areas hence presenting a rewarding portfolio of investments to our clients. In our operations in Michigan, we stand out from our peers because unlike them, we have invested heavily in identifying local talent right in Michigan who have a thorough knowledge of the cities thereby eliminating the guesswork that comes with third hand information.

In Michigan, our property investment focus is in Detroit, a city that has been continuously ranked as one of the top investment hotspots in the United States. Our unique strategy of partnering with the major players in the Detroit property market has seen us sign some exclusive agreements with leading financial institutions and asset management companies, an arrangement that has given us access to property not readily available to the general public. This combined with our own private listings ensures our clients access to great property deals before they hit the market.

Our accountability in Detroit has grown our reputation as the most trusted and reliable property investment and management company. Being a register company in the United States, Arthur Mackenzy Property Group adheres to all the state and federal laws hence guaranteeing our investors that their investments are safe and legally protected.

We are a one-stop shop in property investment and management in Detroit. Everything we promise our customers while investing with us stands all through our contractual dealings. We cover every possible process from council meetings, property management, securing your property and even in helping you get the right tenant. If you need an accountant to file your returns, we will help you sort that out as well because we understand all the effective laws and regulations.

Why Invest In Detroit?

Detroit is a vibrant city with high rental demand and low property prices hence giving investors a one-of-its-kind investment opportunity hard to find anywhere else in the United States and indeed the entire world. Being a historical auto manufacturing city, Detroit still enjoys the vibrancy of a rich culture built around industry and production. As opposed to recent reports that have highlighted on the declining fortunes of the city and endless chapter 9 bankruptcies, Detroit is a rising giant. It is a city where many overseas investors have taken the exclusive advantage the low level entry investments offer to create value and grow their portfolio. Most of our investment opportunities in Detroit, Michigan have a ROI of up to 15% which is paid on a monthly basis to our investors.

If you are looking to invest in high quality refurbished houses available at low prices and producing high net yields to guarantee you medium and long term capital growth then Detroit is the place to invest and Arthur Mackenzy Property Group is the right partner to take your investment to the next level. Among the top companies that have given the Detroit property market a shape and a face include JP Morgan Chase, General Motors, Microsoft, Twitter, and Chrysler. Many companies including startup incubators like TechTown Detroit are gradually pushing Detroit to become a leading tech hub in the United States.

The Rental Market

Our experience and expertise as one of the leading global property investment and management companies has taught us that a successful rental investment is that which has good tenants and the support framework of a professional management company on the ground that supports it to ensure the monthly yields in rental income are continuous and guaranteed. With most of the homes in Detroit already rented, this city has a huge appetite for rental property. As opposed to other cities in the United States where tenants prefer temporal rentals, in Detroit tenants are long term because renting is a preferred method to home ownership.

The strong rental market in Detroit is further buoyed by the Housing and Urban Development also known as the Section 8 Scheme. This scheme offers grants, subsidies and general assistance to individuals to assist them in meeting their rental obligations. This has seen an influx of young educated people moving in the city to work in tech industries, a scenario that has attracted amazing economic opportunities for investors particularly in the property market.


Detroit city sits on an area 143 square miles on the U.S.-Canadian border complete with 4 border crossings. The downtown areas of Detroit are dotted with skyscrapers and high rise buildings while the uptown areas consist of family homes and low rise buildings. In terms of population, Detroit city stands in the eleventh position among the cities in the United States with a total of about 916,000 people. When the entire Metro Detroit region which consists of 6 counties is considered then the population comes closer to about 4.4 million. According to historical records detailing household incomes, Metro Detroit suburbs have enjoyed a favorable and steady growth in median household income from $45,981 in 2011 to $49,847 per earning person in 2014.

Looking at the Detroit families which compromise 60 percent of all households, it is clear that immense property investment opportunities exist to house these families that are looking for quality accommodation.

Growth and Returns

It is our firm belief at Arthur Mackenzy Property Group that Detroit presents property investors with amazing opportunities to buy. The prices are relatively low at the moment and considering the large investment funds and building contractors who have put Detroit under the ladder, soon enough the value of property will skyrocket making investors realize huge capital gains and growth in rental income. Similar to the trend in the United Kingdom property market, property developers in Detroit have been busy buying properties and flipping them, gaining huge profit margins in the process.

With over 100 properties that we are directly managing in Detroit, we are offering you a unique once-in-a-lifetime property investment opportunity before the prices escalate in the next 5 to 10 years. With a minimum investment of $50,000 you can start growing your property investments today.